Hire a Bagpiper

How Much Does a Bagpiper Cost?

How Much Does Bagpiper Cost

Today’s going rate for a bagpiper is a base fee of $250 for an event in the NYC tri-state area (usually a little more for weddings). Although on the surface it may appear that the bagpiper is playing only for a few minutes, much more goes into it: the donning of the highland apparel and kilt, traveling time (often during rush hour) plus traveling costs (tolls, gas, car fees), 20-30 minute tune up time (the bagpiper ought to show up before the event to tune the instrument up), then the actual performance itself (often the bagpiper must stick around to play before and after a ceremony). Don’t forget the bagpiper has made themselves available for this service (bagpiping and 9-5 just doesn’t work). On average the total bagpiper’s time spent is about 4-5 hours minimum for an event, longer if the event is further away. Then of course there is the fact that you are hiring (hopefully) someone who has a certain degree of expertise and takes their bagpipe playing seriously (we here at NYC Bagpipes do).

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