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What does a bagpiper do at a Wedding?

What does a bagpiper do at a wedding?

A common bagpipe performance at a wedding is to have the bagpiper play outside the ceremony as guests enter and leave the ceremony site. The bagpiper will often play as the bride and groom enter and leave to highlight the special duo. Another tradition is to have the bagpiper perform and lead the newly wedded couple down the aisle to conclude the ceremony or to lead the bride down the aisle at the beginning. This adds an extra special touch.

Aside from common marching tunes, the bagpiper ought to have a few jigs, reels, and hornpipes up their sleeve to really liven up the mood of the big day. Of course, you can always ask us to play anything.

Additionally, you can really add a lot of life to the wedding day by having the bagpiper perform at the wedding reception. Some ideas would be to have the bagpiper play outside as guests arrive at the reception area. Another idea is to have the bagpiper perform in a segment of the wedding reception; this adds a lot of energy especially after people had a few cocktails. The key here however is not to overdo it since the bagpipes are very loud, particularly indoors. You may also want to have a bagpiper lead in the couple as they are introduced into the reception area.

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