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Bagpiper Playing in the Snow in NYC

New NYC Bagpipe Club Coming Soon

NYC Bagpipes publicly announced today that the development of a bagpipe club is in the works and is to be held in New York City.  Discussions have already been made with a venue in Manhattan to provide a space; the venue agreed to accommodate bagpipe playing indoors.  The event will be held sometime in early 2022 (January or February).

As part of the premier for the club, it is anticipated that a few reputable, professional-grade bagpipers from the Northeast area will perform at the event.

The purpose of the club is to make it open to anyone who wants to perform, at any level.  Even non-bagpipers, who have a love for the instrument, will be encouraged to learn and enjoy the event.

The idea for the event was inspired by the Scottish Piper's Association who had regular meetups in Glasgow, Scotland.  Notable bagpipers such as Donald McLeod use to perform there.

Cristopher Rodriguez from NYC Bagpipes, who is organizing the event, hopes that this will inspire bagpipers and grow the piping community and bagpiping associations.  His website is https://www.nycbagpipes.com.

Published: October 29th, 2021

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