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Cristopher Rodriguez / NYC Bagpipes At Stella McCartney Product Launch

NYC Bagpipes Plays Stella McCartney and Birds Aren't Real Events, Wins Prize

NYC Bagpipes latest news includes a performance at a celebrity event for Stella McCartney, a viral mock protest at Washington Square Park, and a 1st place prize at a highland games competition.

On October 9th, Cristopher Rodriguez of NYC Bagpipes competed at the Scotland Connecticut Highland Games. The event featured a large pool of bagpipe competitors. It was the last solo bagpipe competition in the Northeast region of America. 2022 marked the first full year for bagpipe competitions since the pandemic, so many pipers were eager to return and compete in the final competition. Cristopher competed against some of the top bagpipers in Grade 2 of the EUSPBA (Eastern United States Pipe Band Association), earning a 1st place in the piobaireachd event.

On October 13th Cristopher was asked to play for a product launch for Stella McCartney’s new beauty line at Nine Orchard hotel in downtown New York. The event was attended by Anna Wintour, Lorne Michaels, and Madonna.

On October 15th, Cristopher was asked to play at a mock protest for Birds Aren’t Real. The event garnered over 1,000 people to attend the event in Washington Square Park. The event was covered by the newspaper The Sun where Cristopher Rodriguez was featured bagpiping in a photo.

Cristopher is currently working on getting upgraded in the EUSPBA to Grade 1 and has registered to compete at the Winter Storm competition, which is one of the top bagpipe competitions in North America.

Published: October 25th, 2022

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